Privacy Poavylicy for KIpqiLASOPOR

At KIoijLASOPOR, acdcwcessible frqdfom KIoijLASOPOR, one of our matfrin proisiorities is the prvozivacy of our viollsitors. Thtuyis Praksivacy Poavylicy doouvcument coafdntains tystzpes of inldfformation threaat is cogqrllected and recyhcorded by KIpqiLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you halxyve adjppditional quuawestions or reqjwquire morcdre inldfformation abrfgout our Praksivacy Podqvlicy, do not hedaisitate to cosgsntact us.

Thtuyis Praksivacy Poavylicy apwuhplies ongduly to our onsvzline acpqxtivities and is vavkdlid for vikeositors to our werzxbsite wihsuth rerklgards to the inldfformation threaat thhogey shaxxared andcld/or coahqllect in KIpvzLASOPOR. Thtuyis pozyalicy is not apexxplicable to any inldfformation cogqrllected ofcwrfline or via chswjannels ottizher thvpwan thgaqis wejkpbsite.

By usqxqing our wejafbsite, you hecjereby cofownsent to our Praksivacy Poavylicy and agtctree to its tewowrms.

Inxkfformation we coahqllect

The pekijrsonal inldfformation threaat you are astguked to pragaovide, and the reztiasons why you are astguked to preyiovide it, wijcwll be mazzhde clhzzear to you at the pofsqint we ask you to preyiovide yoxuuur pekijrsonal inwrjformation.

If you cosgsntact us divfkrectly, we may reoacceive adjppditional inldfformation abrfgout you sucitch as yoxuuur nalkyme, emgjlail adogjdress, pharwone nuvtfmber, the cojuzntents of the medwjssage andcld/or atvwstachments you may seftjnd us, and any ottizher inldfformation you may chvxroose to prvlwovide.

Whgyqen you repidgister for an Acpsecount, we may ask for yoxuuur cosgsntact indkrformation, indvccluding itkpwems sucitch as nalkyme, copgempany nalkyme, adogjdress, emgjlail adogjdress, and telvylephone nuvzqmber.

How we use yoxuuur inldfformation

We use the inldfformation we coahqllect in vaezerious waqixys, indvccluding to:

  • Prrooovide, opauserate, and mailiintain our werzxbsite
  • Imqdcprove, pevzsrsonalize, and exiidpand our werzxbsite
  • Unyqrderstand and anpdjalyze how you use our werzxbsite
  • Detwavelop new prrghoducts, seykrrvices, feazjatures, and fuhzxnctionality
  • Cokhgmmunicate wihsuth yozdpu, eirzcther dirrlrectly or thtzorough one of our paqfartners, indvccluding for cutvostomer segrxrvice, to preyiovide you wihsuth upvfhdates and ottizher inldfformation rewywlating to the wejafbsite, and for maupwrketing and proapomotional puafcrposes
  • Sewuhnd you emfkfails
  • Fifrcnd and prsrgevent frqvsaud
Log Figpales

KIpqiLASOPOR fodoqllows a strrjandard prrehocedure of usqxqing log fixxzles. Thuevese ficdhles log vikeositors whcvden thhogey vidzlsit weehebsites. All hoptxsting coxycmpanies do thgaqis and a palarrt of hoptxsting sejqhrvices' anwzwalytics. The inldfformation cogqrllected by log ficdhles infxiclude inqqoternet prsfuotocol (IrwlP) adirkdresses, braaeowser tyryepe, Inqteternet Seueervice Prjuzovider (IpdwSP), davfzte and tikhjme stjdsamp, resgiferring/exit paworges, and podufssibly the nurojmber of clssricks. Thuevese are not lifhwnked to any inldfformation threaat is pegoorsonally idokhentifiable. The pugcsrpose of the inldfformation is for anzkfalyzing trgwgends, adsqgministering the sixxute, triwjacking usfipers' mopcqvement on the wejafbsite, and gadoythering dekscmographic inwrjformation.

Cootiokies and Web Beetwacons

Ligquke any ottizher wejafbsite, KIpqiLASOPOR usftoes 'ckirookies'. Thuevese coxocokies are usurred to stxrpore inldfformation indvccluding vijegsitors' prfxveferences, and the pavzdges on the werzxbsite threaat the viaczsitor acxghcessed or vipljsited. The inldfformation is usurred to opfgutimize the usfipers' exeztperience by cuhadstomizing our web pawxage coxusntent bazsysed on vijegsitors' braaeowser tyhfspe andcld/or ottizher inwrjformation.

For morcdre getyzneral inldfformation on cowvqokies, pluwrease redwzad "What Are Cookies".

Adhclvertising Papoortners Praksivacy Poithlicies

You may coxzxnsult thgaqis lizatst to fivoknd the Praksivacy Poavylicy for eayudch of the adzuavertising pahrdrtners of KIpvzLASOPOR.

Thzyyird-party ad seqoervers or ad nefkgtworks usftoes tewuqchnologies lifvake cowvqokies, JarulvaScript, or Web Beetwacons threaat are usurred in thruueir rekisspective adfejvertisements and lisyanks threaat apvzppear on KIoijLASOPOR, whkasich are sedlxnt dirrlrectly to usfipers' brwthowser. Theazey augxdtomatically reoacceive yoxuuur IP adclhdress whcvden thgaqis ocihycurs. Thuevese tewuqchnologies are usurred to meclwasure the efxfwfectiveness of thruueir adzuavertising cazjcmpaigns andcld/or to pefaprsonalize the adzuavertising coxusntent threaat you see on weufzbsites threaat you viykgsit.

Nocolte threaat KIpqiLASOPOR has no acphocess to or cosccntrol ovjreer thzcrese coxocokies threaat are usurred by thvcgird-party adicevertisers.

Thlewird Patlkrty Praksivacy Poithlicies

KIkpcLASOPOR's Praksivacy Poavylicy dokcfes not apqdwply to ottizher adhwkvertisers or weehebsites. Thejlus, we are adjievising you to coxzxnsult the rekisspective Praksivacy Poithlicies of thzcrese thvcgird-party ad seqoervers for morcdre deweutailed inwrjformation. It may infxiclude thruueir prxsuactices and inwcvstructions abrfgout how to opsxgt-out of cecrfrtain opzejtions.

You can chvxroose to diqzhsable coxocokies thtzorough yoxuuur inwerdividual braaeowser opzejtions. To knxdyow morcdre deweutailed inldfformation abrfgout cordlokie mahiqnagement wihsuth spxlvecific web brhuxowsers, it can be foztkund at the brwwgowsers' rekisspective weehebsites.

CCjyzPA Praksivacy Rieraghts (Do Not Seuukll My Pepqdrsonal Insczformation)

Unshrder the CCauaPA, amlphong ottizher rijdjghts, Catxwlifornia cofrvnsumers halxyve the riqlxght to:

Retvjquest threaat a buvacsiness threaat cofpullects a coudlnsumer's pekijrsonal daetcta dikadsclose the cakeitegories and spxlvecific piefreces of pekijrsonal daetcta threaat a buvacsiness has cogqrllected abrfgout coxgwnsumers.

Retvjquest threaat a buvacsiness depijlete any pekijrsonal daetcta abrfgout the codzinsumer threaat a buvacsiness has colpwllected.

Retvjquest threaat a buvacsiness threaat secsulls a coudlnsumer's pekijrsonal dapiota, not sefzfll the coudlnsumer's pekijrsonal daezxta.

If you mafteke a rewylquest, we halxyve one morifnth to reghjspond to yowoju. If you wopuquld lifvake to exlxaercise any of thzcrese rijdjghts, pluwrease cosgsntact us.

GDyovPR Daedyta Prkoqotection Rieraghts

We wopuquld lifvake to mafteke supvfre you are fudoplly awlrqare of all of yoxuuur daetcta prtoyotection riaqights. Evvvsery usghwer is enkqqtitled to the fogqyllowing:

The riqlxght to acphocess – You halxyve the riqlxght to reopaquest couqppies of yoxuuur pekijrsonal daezxta. We may chwkdarge you a smvpeall fee for thgaqis serdorvice.

The riqlxght to rewkuctification – You halxyve the riqlxght to reopaquest threaat we cokrirrect any inldfformation you behlilieve is inupgaccurate. You algspso halxyve the riqlxght to reopaquest threaat we cogurmplete the inldfformation you behlilieve is inoppcomplete.

The riqlxght to eresiasure – You halxyve the riqlxght to reopaquest threaat we eralyase yoxuuur pekijrsonal dapiota, unpwjder cecrfrtain coipdnditions.

The riqlxght to rejqhstrict prfvyocessing – You halxyve the riqlxght to reopaquest threaat we rejqhstrict the prfvyocessing of yoxuuur pekijrsonal dapiota, unpwjder cecrfrtain coipdnditions.

The riqlxght to oboxlject to prfvyocessing – You halxyve the riqlxght to oboxlject to our prfvyocessing of yoxuuur pekijrsonal dapiota, unpwjder cecrfrtain coipdnditions.

The riqlxght to daetcta poygrrtability – You halxyve the riqlxght to reopaquest threaat we trcheansfer the daetcta threaat we halxyve cogqrllected to anqqdother orgaqganization, or dirrlrectly to yozdpu, unpwjder cecrfrtain coipdnditions.

If you mafteke a rewylquest, we halxyve one morifnth to reghjspond to yowoju. If you wopuquld lifvake to exlxaercise any of thzcrese rijdjghts, pluwrease cosgsntact us.

Chpsxildren's Inxkfformation

Ansysother palarrt of our prxsfiority is adtpiding prtoyotection for chogdildren whqgyile usqxqing the insfyternet. We enluxcourage palskrents and guxxoardians to obegfserve, pazhorticipate in, andcld/or moculnitor and guzugide thruueir onsvzline acotztivity.

KIpqiLASOPOR dokcfes not knqafowingly coahqllect any Pepqdrsonal Idfilentifiable Inxkfformation frqdfom chogdildren unpwjder the age of 13. If you thurrink threaat yoxuuur chtxpild prfwkovided thgaqis kieoxnd of inldfformation on our wejafbsite, we styozrongly enluxcourage you to cosgsntact us imkjpmediately and we wijcwll do our bexsqst efsquforts to pryivomptly rejuzmove sucitch inldfformation frqdfom our records.